Online Lead Management

We don’t charge by the amount of users, but by the number of leads, making it much more affordable and inclusive for your team.

Leads per month Monthly Rate Yearly Rate (10% Off)
0 - 500 P12,500 P135,000
501 - 750 P18,000 P194,400
751 - 1000 P23,000 P248,400
1001 - 1500 P33,000 P356,400
1501 - 2000 P42,000 P453,600
2001 - 2500 P50,000 P540,000
For leads 2501 and above Contact Us

Offline Lead Management

Extremely affordable option for your event lead management, whether you are a large or small team.

No. of sales agents Monthly Yearly (10% Off)
0 - 10 P3,750 P40,500
11 - 25 P8,750 94,500
26 - 50 16,250 175,500
51 - 100 P30,000 P324,000
101 - 250 P68,750 P742,500
251 - 500 P125,000 P1,350,000
For sales agents 501 and above Contact Us

One time system registration fee of P15,000

Industry Insights

We have very unique insights to car browsing to purchase behavior which can be utilized to improve your brand performance. Re-engage with your audience to improve and gain further insights.

Advanced Customized Reports

Current market & competition intelligence

  • P125,000

B2B Online Auctions

Get rid of your stock quickly with our B2B online auction platform by reaching hundreds of car dealers ready to bid.

  • A set % per vehicle
  • A fixed rate per vehicle

Rates are exclusive of VAT

Rates are based on a minimum subscription length of 3 months. Rates are inclusive of monthly fees, call costs,set-up costs. Pricing is based on the number of prospects who our teams will attempt to contact within a one (1) month period

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